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Sep 14, 2004
Soon to be cornwall
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2005 Seadoo on order
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hey yall, just ordered myself a 2005 supercharged seadoo jetboat which allegedly does close to 70mph - so does this qualify as mad or what - does anybody have any experience of them - and are they as good as they look.

I am returning to fast boating after having a really bad experience in a 30ft cruiser (the bad experience was that it was far too slow).

Previous boat was 50mph - but 70mph seems silly, but im sure there is stuff that is faster - and its probably here.

Anyway cheers in advance for any help.
"The boat that just passed you is a seadoo".

Probably true, but most of us don't go boating on a pond!!
:D :D
ponds are for jetskis, and people who like semi dry suits
pal of mine got a new jet boat twin 4tec motors dose about 58-60
mph but likes a bit of unleaded:brown:
there is always a down side to speed - if all you have to worry about is fuel consumption your doing ok - brixham harbour wall is the other downside.

well you must be pulling in plenty of dosh, he put in 250 guid for a
weekend and lives by the sea monday nite took my old diesel out
he was debating to put another £100 in:cry:
If anyone fancies a Seadoo Utopia 1850 - got a second hand one I've got to get rid of! Call / PM me - 07836 268747
tidy boy

theres a lot of speculation at the mo about which engine/s for which boat next year but all should be revealed in a few weeks

it depends on who you speak to but the supercharged 185 may feature or it may be the intercooled 215 rxp engine

i guess well have to w8
A mate of mine is heading out to barcelona end of next month - to try all the latest offerings from sea doo - not sure if he will get his mits on the jet boats - but will let you know how he gets on.
Have you took a look at the hull?

If you intend to use the jetboat on the sea, get ready for a bit of a bumpy ride, yank boats are designed for flat waters.

Well good luck just the same, it is always nice to own a new boat

I've got a Polaris 785PRO, about 100hp, fun as hell in the waves, but 70mph??? feck that, scaryyyyy:aaahhh:

Hi Noel, from Malta? What up buddy:cheers:
ive got polaris msx 150 turbo intercooled jetski,now that is fun!
Found this on the Brucato site :D


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Mercury 2.5 EFI with Brucato SVS intake, should be somewhere in the region of 300hp at the flywheel. :bang:


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Now that's crazy! bet it gives the old arms a good tug when you turn up the wick!
Jesus Christ, that is INSANE, that thing must explode out of the hole, or just WOT at 40mph and hang on for dear life.....
What's the story with the Malta/Brazil location?
Johnson said:
What's the story with the Malta/Brazil location?

I work on the oilriggs in Brazil, outside Macaé, and live on the beautiful Island of Malta. Born and raised in Bergen, Norway, but the weather is shite, (you guys should know, same **** over there) so I said feck it 4 years ago and moved down south.. Now I´ve got 10 months of summer a year, suits me just fine:hugegrin:

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