Selling my Sharp


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Mar 31, 2004
Weston Super Mare
I'm selling my boat dudes, 19' merc 2.4L mildly tuned 200+HP, Offshore mid, Bullet box, S/S prop, Manual power lift, Hydraulic steering, Foot throttle GPS'd at 76MPH (thats genuine see my post). she's yours for £4350. i want a 3 figure top speed.


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Now got a new boat.
2 on my drive is a pain in the arse
please buy her now £3500ono
its worth every penny.:(
Tell us about the newen!
its very, very nice......i went to see it.....but shat a brick when I realised it was a moderatly race-preped 2.5L

but then again i´m a complete noofter!
my new en

Thats cyco driving in the picture below as he wanted to try it ( he had a life jacket stuffed down the back of the seat cus he couldn't reach the throttle!)

its a quite tidy rig it has a bow tank and trim tabs but there are a few things i need to do to get it exactly how i want it.

1. Hydraulic steering, its got twin ride glide at present and after being used to hydraulic it feels well heavy

2. Hydraulic jack plate, i thought about fitting my manual 1 but the engine is quite low on this boat and handles quite well but as you know the higher the engine the faster you go so i'd like the best of both worlds and be able to easily set the engine height for the weather conditions.

3. trim and tab indicators, it was difficult enough on my old boat to look round to see where the engine was and how do you see where the tabs are u could be putting them lower and lower when in fact u could raise them to have same effect

4. strengthen the dash, being lanky i need the seat so far away from the throttle pedal that i cant reach the steering wheel so with a rex marine 4" extension the dash flexis about 2", not good

5. change the fuel tank, at present it holds about 30 gallons way to big and heavy for me

6. lower the trailer, at present the boat sits about 3' high and its a real pain in the arse to launch however the design of the trailer makes this difficult

7. one of the studs that holds the power head to the leg has come out and stripped the thread in the head so this is power head off and helicoil, bummer.

8. and last a general tidy up of the inside

Cyco has this all in hand and we will be starting this after the ski race this weekend in weston

if anyone knows of a lift or steering let me know, cheers

i'll keep you posted


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