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Mar 12, 2004
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Avon Searider 8.4mmmm
Cat 4216 450hp
I am scrapping a series 2 Landie. I don't want to do it but it's gotta go. It has a working petrol engine (straight 4) and the rolling gear works. pickup body and cab/doors are all ok. It's missing wheels ad towbar/Abar and a seat and it's been used as a dunk truck

free to a good home can loan trailer for transportation. would look nice in a Garden next to an old cat
As in 'Garden Cat'?
How much road tax is left, I may be interested!!!!:D :D :D
Oi Nobber, dya know when your picking ya jallopi up yet?
Garden cat yep. it would be the ideal tow vehicle for it YEP!.

IT HAS ABOUT MINUS 35 MONTHS TAX It's been in the water so much I am thinking about getting it coded instead of MOT'd
jon fuller said:
Oi Nobber, dya know when your picking ya jallopi up yet?

I hope your not reffering to that fine piece of American engineering that I purchased many months ago, but have yet to get me hands on!!!

If you are then your a scrote!!!! coz it's supposed to be this week, but I haven't saved enough petrol money up yet to drive it back from the docks!!!!!!

I went and visited it a week or so ago, and here it is enjoying the view over Southampton water!!!!!!!!!


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Cute ain't it!!


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Needs a respray, black is:

"oh so much last years colour"

just ask all those NW ribster who are now having to change the colour of there toobs, :bolt:

terminator said:
Needs a respray, black is:

"oh so much last years colour"


It was ahead of it's time then coz it's 2 years old!!!:hugegrin:


no one likes a smart ass!!!

especially one with a big shiney truck.........MR Flashy!:D
I just so happen to have some Chrome 24" x 10.0" Dare Cabo's in stock for a F150.



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The Landie has a new owner!
TD welcome to the American cars owners club of BM as I have two, Chrysler LHS and Dodge RAM 3500, not to forget part in a Hummer I
jw. said:
Mmm. Did the designer own a Ford Scorpio?

:D :bolt:

he was probably forced to have one by his employees. Anyway you've all blown your chance cos the Landy is now a target on a Paintballing site


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