shakspeare help please!!!

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May 12, 2004
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Any suggestions??
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shakespeare 17
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please could some one tell me where to place the fuel tank on a shakespeare 16'. also if oneone has a similar size shakespeare could you please tell me what size+type engine you have and how fast it goes cheers.
Hi, put the tank in the back shakespears have a short bow and with two people up front thats more than enough weight up there. What shakespear is it, Waverider Magnum? Is it exactly 16' or is it slightly smaller?

A friend of mine had one with a v4 johnson on it 115 or 135 I can't remember which but it fairly shifted. What engine do you have now?

Heres a link to a good site it has all the models and some owner submitted info on engines and speed.
It says 56 knots with 115hp in a 16'er, not bad!!!

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i found out last nite that it is actually 17' and i currently am goin to rebuild either a yammaha 115 or force 50! cheers for the site i looked there some good info.
mite be i jut was just told it wasn't bein used and told the name but i think the guy sed force 50!?

Go with the yamaha if you can, 50hp would be a bit small on that boat, just my opinion.

Have you got a picture of the boat? Whats it going to be used for?
i mite be able to but i just gotta do it sometime at school, my boat is a supervsportsman. yea i prob will... how easy arre engine's to rebuild?
the engine may of gone for a swim. and has been jus lying dry for at least 1yr. it doesnt have a gar box but i will prob get an old one from a engineering company and then strip the engine replace any nessasary parts clean of any errosion and then greasae it up. would there be anything else other than that.
Honest advice, if it's been for a swim in sea water and wasn't stripped and dried out properly at the time, forget it. You will spend more money and time in the long run than it would cost to get a decent second hand engine. Especially if the water got into the engine and has been left to sit. Sea water EATS EVERYTHING.

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