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Dec 15, 2004
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My brothers
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Ring 15
70HP Tohatsu
Thanks for your help boys, after some advice from Matt, I think I will avoid the sharpe.
I think I am after a Phantom 16 or 18 then for around 3k . I think I will sell the Rib after christmas privately to get more for it and then I will be in more of a position to buy.
Just saw that and I saw this to go on it:

The main problem is the hull is on the channel islands which has a 'king expencive ferry service and the Yamaha is at bembridge outboars, Isle of Wight. I reckon theres about 600quids worth of ferry expences there and I will have to get the engine set up.

Is that price about right for a Phantom and is that engine fairly priced?


Just had a mess about with and it would be about 500 quid to bring the boat back from the channel islands.


Already been PM'd by Chaos and he seems to know alot about these boats. Even if he does want that Yammie, I 'll let him have it because at least I ve got a working boat at the moment!
I dont!!!! Please dont make that mistake!

I just know whatr i've seen and know the decisions i made when travelling along the same path as you are now!

P18 + 200 Yam.........arse heavy??
That 16 + 135hp you PM'd me used to be a members here.......sure it was supposed to be terrific.

fella at me ski-club had same rig......rocket ship!
yes that blue phantom 16 was 'biggest arms' boat, my brother-in-law...
we had it 2 years, kept in our garden......
was a sweet engine..... think we ran it up to 58.8mph gps....
but it was sooo quick out the blocks
he sold it april 04 for 3,000 guy lived near heathrow...
reckon you'll get if for 2,700-900 this time of year...
Nice one Admiral, its good to know a boats history. Unfortunatly I am not in a position to buy it because I have not sold my boat yet. I don't really think its woth putting my boat forsale now, a week before Christmas.
Thanks for your help will contact them when mines sold.
I Know a Merc 2.5 stnd 200 is supposed to weigh in @ 187kg.....mine weighed about 200 when it was crated too me inc Prop & controls.

I was lead to beleive 135/150/XR2's would be 10Kgs less (prob more if L/W cowls used???)

Yams UK site indicates the weight of a 2.6L @ 222Kg...although I suspect that Aetol 'wave was after would weigh more.....I remember the cowls on them things weigh a fkin ton!!!

so maybe 30Kgs then
We reckon on about 175 - 180ish kg being the absolute maximum engine weight for our Ring/Marina 16's. (Approx equivalent to 150hp 2 stroke). Although this is probably a bit overpowered.
sunseeker, but don't tell anyone as it's a secret.
they might be ;)

that's if we ever get round to making the bloody things :cry:
Bring the moulds next door to us, and we'll knock a couple out for you!:D

Probably the only way we're gonna get some done before the next millenium :rolleyes:

As usual everyone was dead enthusiastic until it came down to doing the bloody work. It's been in my yard ever since we dragged it back from the arse end of Poole. I even sourced some damn cheap old- new stock Johnsson 150's and 175's.

It's a lovely looking little boat, if it wasn't for the CE stuff it'd probably be worth making some to sell on.

As far as I know, if we were to sell any (subject to a chat with the owner of the mould) we would either have to -

1/ sell them as race boats
2/ declare them to be older than they actually are (can't remember the actual date for CE legislation)
3/ use them ourselves for a period of time before selling (again can't remember how long)

If we were to make some to sell on, would any one be interested?

What sort of value would you put on them?