Captain Chaos

The Doc
Mar 12, 2004
NO!!! thats not gonna be its name.............well probably not?

Mrs Chaos gets her 1st look at what i bought and exclaims..."ooh its a bit pointed" takes years of maritime knowledge to make that observation.

cant beat a girlies POV.:lol:lol:


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Just got it on trailer, arms aching like hell..........fecking thing!!


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Plaine Jane

Untill TD bowled-up with a box of goodies for me.........Ta v.much Tony.

Spent last night reading the instructions..........might get it all done for next season!


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Side on.

Erm.....JF......when you went to see the trailer, diid you get the size of your Phantoms all confused?

feckin things sooo bleedin heavy!:lol:lol: :lol:lol:


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Looks lovely Lozza!
very nice captain
post some pics when it's all together .engine etc
Is it 18, 20 or 21 feet long ? and what engine are you planning to fit ?
Yeah, those seats are pink - he likes his boat trim to match his favourite wetsuit.
Are those pics took in England????

It is actually sunny


Yeh but the only time it got anywhere near warm was when i was winching it on the bloody trailer!!
Who made it

Who made the phantom for you!
Did the same company do the interior.
Looks good, is the floor gelcoated.
have you got a bow tank fitted.


Who made the phantom for you!

Tony (& Bryn) @ Trio Mouldings in Southampton. I know sod all about these things, but was very pleased with the finish and was impressed with the amount of extra care taken by Tony in the fitment and layout. They seem fairly willing to make Phantoms a more permenent fixture about the boating network and indeed have a couple more on the go as we speak.....i'd get in quick.

Did the same company do the interior.

No, they got the interior done by a trimmers way oop north. We used Trios own front seat moulds (as i was not THAT keen on SB's originals) and we sorta winged some back seats together. Its far from the greatest uphoulstery in the world, but getting decent co's to do work this time of year was proving +++£££'s and i'm on a seriously tight budget..........or was before i blew it all!

Looks good, is the floor gelcoated.

Yes, all the seats, bases and floor is flo-coated in white all the way from the transom/ knees up to beyond the foot rest.

have you got a bow tank fitted.

I had tank fitted from Sb's original moulds and placed about half way ish up the deck. Its about 10kilos in weight and adds about 40 ish (i think) in ballast when full. They also put 2x overflows as they where worried about a blow-out if the pressure was too great from a new (efficient) salmon-style p/up.

BTW, hows yours going?
So Captain Chaos, are you saying that most of your boat interior is in fact wipe clean?

I had double "wipe clean stuff" put under your observers seat to make it easier to wipe-up your dribble and plop!

coz we all know your a big sod-off and leave us boat lovers come net nerds alone!:D
No, not yet, spect he'll get his story straight when WE ask him

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