Silversurfer!!! Crouch

nobwaver said:
it will do 100MPH+


Oi Nobber - thats what it says in the sales book can scan if you so like. There are four versions and the "race" does 100mph+ I obviously havnt been out on one with my tusty GPS have u ??? :duell: Which Sunseeker have u got?

Taz will have to meet up for a beer and boat evening some time!
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The 'Race' 6 litre Bladerunner ran about 110 I think
Heres the boat that was for sale


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Spoke to james he said there was only 5 ever made and he never took it out as his insurance would be void as you have to do some blade runner course to drive it
Taz thinking of doing a basic race apparently there is one @ Allhallows in April do u fancy it too? Run what bring, 50 - 60 mile race flat out for an hour!

Allhallows Yacht Club
Kent ME3 9SY

Just opposite the river from two tree island :)
LOL fit another tank like in line - go on u know u want to. Imagaine how gutted you be have to watch everyone else on your doorstep and NOT join in.
Yeah i wouldnt mind hopefully ill have a bigger boat buy then
keep me posted