Solent race

unfortunatly not but the organisers refunded the race entry which was good of them, not including meal tickets because everyone had eaten by then. from what i hear that may have been the first time money has ever been given back!
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very ggod of them to do that. we went out for a play after the race was cancelled and it would of been too rough to race.
i saw hot lemon crashing through the rough bit at speed off calshot spit, it was a very impressive site, considering the conditions....

trying to keep up was a yellow boat, either a small rib or probably a 2ltr bat boat which in all fairness was out its depth!! spent most of its time on its back end, kept tripping on every wave and it didnt look like it got out of displacement speed! bet they felt sick!
too rough
i thought the idea of a powerboat race was to test your seamanship .
like that is it..........................unfortunately the diver refused to go out ,so it was on safety grounds in the end

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