"Solent Speed" Powerboat race

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Mar 13, 2004
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I've had a couple of PM's asking for details on the forthcoming event. I don't know that much, but what I do I'll share with you.
(sounds like a song)

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th April. (30 boats entered last year)

Race control is situated at "Royal Southern Yacht Club"

Event communications: Debra France & Karen Waterfall 01489 559555

Race is open to the following: 1.3L, 2.0L 4.0L, T & GT Cruisers, Honda 150 (my old tubs) Honda 225, V24, F1, F2 & F3 Ribs, and basic sports boats and cruisers*

*cruisers as permitted by Race Committee (rough translation is: nothing quicker than Rory's boat)

Entry fee for UKOBA members £120.00. Non members £300.00

But you do get a cup of tea and a bun on Saturday nite!!!!!

I don't know where the Course is located, but the name of the event must give an indication.

Any one know any more???
still waiting for race instructions but the race will be off lymington somewhere
race start at 2.00 on sunday the 4th just off beaulieu

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