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Mar 12, 2004
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I finally got around to fitting my new powerhead today which means after 17months of begging, borrowing and stealing I'm all but done on the berrnico.
My problem is the wiring of the new soloniod as the head didnt have one when I brought it. I've got everything where is should be but I seem to be (or think) missing a solid black from the engine side/female part of the loom which I would have thought goes to the small threaded therminal on the right of the solonoid???
I have my main live going to the large bottom terminal with the 2 smaller reds from the engine side of the loom, yellow/red to the small left hand threaded termial, 6 or 8mm yellow going to the top larger threaded terminal so from what I can see I've all good but should there not be a solid black going to the right hand side terminal which currently has nothing on it???
I've checked for any wires which I may have trapped or hidden when putting the head but nothing found. The loom is all intact from the previous owners and I cant see that anything has been cut off at all.
The only thing I noticed was that the 2 solid blacks going through the engine side of the loom are both earthed at the same point, the screw is tight in and it doesnt look like its been buggered about with. This has been a well looked after head and there is no way either of these would reach across to the empty terminal.
So, do I need to have a wire going to this terminal ( maybe a bridge wire from the 2 fixed blacks?? cant see how the soloniod would work without one)? I cant try it at the mo as I'm still working on the fuel situation.
Any concrete advice would be great, I want to get this right so no best guesses please and apologies for my blithering description.
What engine is it ?
I believe the electrics are the same as a 260, would i be right in saying that the small terminal on the right of the solonoid goes to earth on the block?
Mercury 2.5

That's right just a earth to block :hugegrin:

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