Someone Help me with a Mercury XR2!!

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Sep 12, 2004
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We have just bought this K4+pluus 2litre boat, rigged with a Mercury XR" on the back. We have just spent weeks getting the boat up and running. We took the boat out over the weekend and we were going up the river and when we went to accelerate past 1500rpm the engine cuts out! When it is in Neutral it revs and works fine. With the prop off and in gear and reving it works fine. But when you have the prop on and in gear it will not accelerate past 1500rpm without dying on me. Whether it is fuel starvation or anything else i would like some feedback or any for of solution on this problem may be fixed ASAP as Cardiff is fast approaching.


Will Nurse
have you done a compression test on the cylinders?
Sounds like the first port of call should be to check main jets for blockage(s), and float heights.
Well we hope that is all bin done because the engine has just bin re-built by Clive Jones so it should all be working, and it shoould all be set correctly! That is what we hope anyway. Cheers for the response so far if there are any more suggestion i would be grateful.

Will Nurse
Those are also symptoms of a number of other problems such as the stator / triggerpartial failure or something simple such as water in the fuel. Is it running an electric or pulse pump? Fuel pressures are critical on XR2's!

If it was just rebuilt then I would take it back and complain!

Good luck!

ps you do know the race has been reclassified and is now a national in Cardiff?

Cheers for that, the fuel pump is a manual no electric fuel pump or anything. Is one recommended? by the sounds of things is it is!! In the Cardiff race instructions there is a basic race for Class 3 and Ribs on the Sunday? If that is cancelled, bugger!
Cheers for all these suggestions.

Will Nurse:cheers:
Don't think there are any "official" race instructions yet anyway - where did yours come from?

I have always run a manual pump - I also have a rebuild kit for one, and if your diaphram is nackered it won't pump a lot of fuel!
two things.....................if you have changed the prop it could now be over proped,or maybe one of the switch boxes
You don't need a DVA meter, just a wee circuit which stores the voltage long enough for a multi meter to read it. Connect it between the lead you are checking and ground. The resistors are 560k and the diode is a 1n4007. Values are not critical.

Here's one I made earlier, seven years earlier. :)


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Forgot to say... connect the meter across the capacitor positive/Ground.

Could do with a bit longer to edit me mistakes. It takes me brain far longer than that to realise I've made 'em.
Cheers guys for all of this assistance. What we have done is spoken to Chris Lewis and he hasa said the same sort of thing, so what we are going to do is take it down to him and he is going to srtip it and sort the problem! Woopie!


Will Nurse
Sorry for the late post but have just got back from italy. We have had the same sort of symptom on our xr2 and the simple way round it is to give it one or two pumps on the choke when it starts to bor down. works everytime!!! If CJ has done your engine it will be a cracker. I know the workshop looks like a tip but he does know his stuff, also a lot cheaper than Cobbs Quay.
jw. said:
Forgot to say... connect the meter across the capacitor positive/Ground.

Could do with a bit longer to edit me mistakes. It takes me brain far longer than that to realise I've made 'em.

we used to be able yo up until the night of the long knives!:hatchet:
I agree with CB1 hit the chock a couple of times, once normally solves it on mine. This only happens every now and then. I have heard that this is pretty par for the course with the XR2.

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