Southampton Honda Exibition

Captain Chaos

The Doc
Mar 12, 2004
Well, thats what it felt like! Bleedin Honda everywhere!

As I said, I thought the show was a tad dissapointing..............Not sure if this was due to the fact that I was Knackered (again) and that it was really quite mobbed......but none the less....I thought it was quite ****!

Sure enough, If your into the sunseekers/ fairlines/ princess's of this world...there was plenty of fun......But other than say Fletcher and a handfull of the usual yank plop......i didnt see anything that was inspiring.

I am, however very glad that I opted to have my phantom in white!!! Just before I parted with the deposit for it, I had decided I was gonna have white deck/ hull with onyx black freeboard & classic style white/black striped trim.........Seems that i would have been very in vogue had i stuck to my guns...........All of the major manufacturers have outed the cobalt blue amnd ALL have gone black...............such a lack of individuality!

So now i'm saving to do Miami am I? Is it really worth the trip?
Captain Chaos said:
So now i'm saving to do Miami am I? Is it really worth the trip?

Of course!
If you stay in miami beach, I can whole heartidly recommend the "crowbar" (or as i like to call it...the handlebar) and also, "Lady Madonnas" is a MUST!

Is Miami a lads thing? Or am I saving for 2?
I is takin da bitch innit!
Just out of interest - when is Miami?
Cookee said:
Bloody typical - missed it already! - Or is that 2005? :wank:

Thanks for pointing that out Cookee (the date error, not the fact that I'm a wanker, which I already knew)

Correction done.
Captain Chaos said:
How much you payed for the flights Jon?

NOT that i think i can afford it anyway!

pretty good deal actually, being as the show is at half term, tickets are usually silly money, (paid best part of 400 quid last time)
they were £199 plus tax (@£74) so £273, direct Heathrow-Miami with Virgin. Booked through ebookers
Originally posted johnson Booked through ebookers [/B]

on the other side( rib net)
you could always try boatmad holidays for some stonking deals:D
My mate just quit ebookers....He's the fella gettin hitched in flights were a lot dearer than that!!

Being stiched my your own mate................fabulous!
Ill be there paid 557.80 for 2 with ba . wheres the best place to stay

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