Spank the monkey

You're just not trying, Matt.

362 mph!!! :D

Here's a tip I stole from the other side. It was to do with golf, but it works for any game that involves hitting. You have to give the object you are going to hit a name. This, apparently, enables you to hit it really hard! Worked for me! ;)
Here's the advice, 'from the horse's mouth' as it were (no offence intended - I am not likening the author to a horse, merely using a well-known English idiom):

"Big Bertha = reference to how to relieve stress at the driving range ...take a bunch of clubs, and a basket of golfballs. Now name each golfball. Or perhaps each one could just have one name... up to you. Next whack the golfballs (technical term but you don't have to be a golfer to do this. Believe me ) Try not to hit actual people at the driving range however.
For people who have been a big pain in your life take a big club."

So... NAME YOUR MONKEY!!! :drain:
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Getting better! Keep trying! Don't forget to name the monkey! :drain:
428 theres a technique to it youknow
Think I found the technique


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Matt said:
You must have a strong wrist action to do that!

you should see me wotk a Jiggle syphon
I' ll give that a try, up to now I've been using the upturned bike and trackball method.

so tell me then, how do you cut the page out and post it???? cus i got 700 and something but cant prove it.
please help:(
I'm afraid that one above is null and void , there is evidence that your computer clock is faulty. therefore it cant calculate the MPH accurately.

'may be wrong', it says 'may be wrong', it doesnt say it is wrong!!! And underneath it clearly says 'advertisement'. So it stands!!! :)
OK 'maybe' you got 964


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