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Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
At Ocean Village this weekend, anyone going?
Working most of the bank holiday and there is OCR and ski racing in Plymouth!
Count me in, heard they got a "Pig Roast"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can someone who attends take some pictures of the Panther Boats and do me a favour and post them here. Maybe if you're talking to the salesman, tell them to put the web site up!

It's a long way from Malta to come to see!

Black Cat


I know its anoying when a boat co. does not put its site up... anyhow there only better styled fletchers.... so whats the worry?
Whats the format for this show? What sort of boats etc?
We might go round by boat, early before all the hog roast is gone!!
tony davis said:
heard they got a "Pig Roast"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would that be a "Poisonous Pig" roast by chance?
We are going sunday:seaman:
May see you there!
Capt Chaos

I kinda like the boats. Being an english hull it is good for Maltese waters, since we have more or less the same conditions.

And it is not the same style as the boat I have (the old crusader), i would like to have a bit more room in my new boat. I would prefer that style better than an italian centre console boat (a Ranieri or Rascala), and I bet more on english built than italian.

Moreover, we are now part of the EU so no more import levy, and by the way English Vat at 17.5% is cheaper than maltese at 18% so now it is worth a try importing from the UK.

If you have any info please post me

did anyone enjoy the show?? there were a few faces there. an the army demo was unspeakable!!
Was there another show on elsewhere??

Seemed a bit under subscribed.

Wouldnt hurry back.

What about you?
Graham F was so taken aback with the Fletcher range I think he traded his muched loved ring for the sales demo..

Seen here..


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