Sportsboat & Rib Show ?

Where, when etc.

Hows the 600 coming along? Have you got any more piccies yet.
The show is on the 1st - 3rd May at ocean village marina in Southampton. I'm taking the little 14 to show on a berth. The 600 is coming along but not quick enough for this show! Too much other work on at the same time.
The show is advertised on the sportsboat website.

being nosey


do you only laminate 'other' boats or are you one of these shower-tray fellas thats branched out?

Its the other way around old chap! Always been in the marine trade and "branched out" to other sectors to make some money!!!!

Are you doing the poker run next week?

Poker Run


95% not going....but may have some interesting news tomorrow! Dont hold your breath....I' not!

...been let down toooo damn often!

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