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Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
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Anyone looking to buy any stainless stuff, (metric only) should consider

I just bought a load of stock and the prices are very keen. they stock mainly A2, which is fine for most apps within the boat, and a limited amount of A4, for the imersed stuff.


box of 100 M8x50 hex A2 machine screws (bolts threaded all the way to the head)=£14.16 inc vat

100) M6x50 as above = £8.24

100) M10 Nyloc nuts =£6.33

100) M6 Nyloc nuts = £1.32

100) M10 S/S plain washers = £1.58

As you can see, these are very keen priced especially compared to chandlery prices.

Navigating the site and finding stuff is a little tricky, easy way is to just use the sites own search feature.

PS. these prices are inc Vat AND delivery!
it was 3/8 UNC x 2-1/2 socket head cap screw (SS) just a regular allen bolt really
ordering them was easy, it's buying the feckers 'now' that's impossible!
I can personally recomend prolatch and catchbolt stainless fasteners (they sponsor me!) - We use the prolatch to keep the engine cowlings on and the catchbolts on the lockers on the lorry - buy some and support me!

If you have any questions about applications get in touch with me or call them - they are very helpfull.

Protex Fasteners
Cookee you nobber, it's "fastener" as in nuts, bolts, screws etc that they're on about, not "fastener" as in the type of catch fitted to your wallet!!!:D

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