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Captain Chaos

The Doc
Mar 12, 2004
Hi peeps,

As of this saterday morning i'm off to the states for a few days. I'm flying via new york.

As i'm going with my 2 best friends (Visa & Mastercard) i was wondering if any of you fine folk had ever had any experience of boating.......& more specifically; know of any Merc Performance dealers it might be worth taking a cab -ride too in the NY area.

Absolute long shot I know, but i s'pose if you dont ask?

I was gonna say that i dont think there'd be much chance of finding anything in the middle of Nevada.....but last time i was on my way out to Vegas, I stopped at an IHOP and saw about 20 of the most awesome 20-30ft boats................must have been some sort of championship...often wodered what that was all about?
Only know of Bill Mitchell racing on Long Island, they build high perf/race motors for many applications, but are not Merc agents or anytin, they're in Ronconcoma, Long Island.
Thanks all

Tony....I stumbled accross that link last night..............already emailed em'
Are you still looking for an engine for the Phantom.
If so look on Scream and fly for one plenty on there.
Get it shipped to you hotel then bring it back with you, whole engine might be a problem, Thats what I did.
You could also arrange the shipping from your hotel once you have inspected the motor.
well worth buying over there much cheaper.
Go for a Drag know you need it!

Captain Chaos said:
Cye..............I'll bell you later if thats ok?

:aaahhh: For F*ck sake say no!
Within 80 miles of Manhattan out on Long Island (my neck of the woods) you will also find Superboats Inc. in Lindenhurst, Progression Powerboats in Copiague and Hustler in Calverton.[/URL][/URL][/URL]

Heres one you might want to bring back from Long Island - might be a bargain[/URL]

153 miles from Las Vegas you will find at Lake Havasu city Advantage Powerboats, Magic Powerboats, Nordic Powerboats as well as E-Ticket powerboats.

Have a fun trip and if you pass through Oyster Bay on Long Island give a wave to my mother's house.
i owned a nordic sprint a couple of years ago,excellent boat.
Heres one you might want to bring back from Long Island

Yeh...............I'll fill her up and drive her across!!!! Thx
Thx mate, i viewed them last night @ 5am whilst repairing the damage the old boy managed to reap upon his work PC!
That 250 is cheap thats £4169 for a 2002 worth chasing up.
Check that its a 20" mid not a 25"


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