Sterndrive alpha one


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Apr 19, 2004
I have alpha one gen 1 on my boat, it's possible to put alpha one gen 2 instead gen 1 with the same transom ?
Oil reservoir

I would check the the oil reservoir pot connection to the leg. Something tells me there is a difference there.

That funny little non return valve thingy-do-do. Where the leg bolts on. For one.
the gen 2 transom has the oil spiggart poking out of it,the gen 2 leg then has a hole for it to locate in, there for the gen 2 leg would bolt on but you would have to do somthing with the oil hole,
also the vertical shift shaft is to short for gen2 leg ,simple to replace cost about £30 for new shaft .

or you could by a new gen 2 transom shield from me out of stock with merc warranty for less than cost as you are a boatmad member.

good luck with your endeavours:up:
Thank you for your help, I need soon to change the lower part of alpha one gen 1, because few crack in the case, some one propose me one complete alpha one gen 2, that why it was my question, but it's better to change only the lower or replace by the gen 2.


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