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Ottavani was not Achilli it was Stefano's Gancia..
The Achilli you saw in Malta Geriatric is the the old Rocky(1988)a cougar, bouth by ?Villanova?

I have arrived late just to verify that you have loosened all the knots among the Stain.
I didn't also know that the first Achilli Motors / Schlax Group / Achilli Motors in green-white-red then became the Powermarine of Chiarugi of 1993.

I confirm that the Ottaviani was not the former second Achilli Motors. Even if very similar among them the two boats raced together in the 1991 like confirm the pic of the start of St. Tropez 1991.
Bardelle run in 1987 some races with the his green-yellow cat Stain of 38' before selling it to Stefano Casiraghi.
The second Americanino Jeans cat was a 36' of 1991 Bardelle, always Stain.
To which Stefano's Gancia you referred Tim? Pinot di Pinot former Sun International of 1989?


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Double Two Shirts. Yes we would accept 40k!

The 40' Planatec's fortunes took a leap in the right direction when it went from petrol to diesel in the early 80's, although it's weight would of ballooned when compared to the petrol units to perhaps 4500kg+, with it's early sabre engines it appeared to run around the 80mph mark and gained more success as their power was enhanced towards the 600hp mark maybe pushing the boat into the early 80's mph by then...however with this in mind what performance diesel engines are available today around 550-600hp that would be suitable for such a boat as the sabre Marathon engines are no longer in production
Marco it was Ellesse then Ottavani!!
PROBABLY A PENSIONERS vOLVO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!:hugegrin:
Marco it was Ellesse then Ottavani!!

Tim,I believes that you make confusion among two different boats;
Ellesse of Casiraghi became Lotto-Ottaviani of Bottanelli.
There was then another Stain 38' Ottaviani of Emanuele Pegazzano very similar to the second Achilli Motors and both of the 1991.
Tonight I will post the photos.
NO no Marco, Stefano's "Ellesse" became Tino's Ottavani !!!!!!!!!!!:hugegrin: No confusion:hatchet:
I fear that both we are saying the same thing....:rolleyes:

However that's is the same boat and.....


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...that's is another boat.


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:hugegrin: :up: