The gArfish

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Mar 14, 2004
rinng faktery
Boat name
rinng peas
sum fkker az stowlen de fkin cabb ofn mi fkin trakter. i bett itts dem fkin gippos orr dem bastud scowsers. reeward offerd forr informashun az too itts fkin wareabowts.



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jackeen's Missus said:
Up it to two years' Platinum Immunity and I'll shop me mate

yew dryve a harrd deel missis butt dats lyke axin forr de mewn an de starrs.

3 munfs an dats mi lasst offfer

jackeen's Missus said:
'Look to the North'

dats a bitt fkin obbskewer. av yew bin reedin dat fkin shaykespeer agen .yew cud bee rite. dem fkin iselannders nik enyfing. yewl av too doo beter dan dat mississ.

jackeen's Missus said:
Missus (witchspeak)

sow yew sirvent ov hecates, yew blakk an midnite hagg hoo plotts mischeef agaynst de gArfish wiv charrms an spels

spil de beens hoo dun itt

jackeen's Missus said:
But thee must look further North...'

i downt fink enyboddy livvs firther norf dan livverpewl duz thay.
yorr plaiyin gaims. de deel iz orf. i reccomennd............

.....I Say, Garfie old chap, you really are being an awful there no honour in you at all...even the most frightful of those disagreeable traveller chaps seem rather sophisticated when compared to you.....Missus is held in the highest esteem by the gentle folk of Boatmad and if you persist in this appalling tirade of abuse and menace then we will have no alternative but to sentence you to the most draconian retribution known to will be exiled to Wales and forced to crew for MeMe.:jaw:
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gArfie, that was masseyvley funny