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Mar 17, 2004
Anthorn, Cumbria (HMS Nuthatch)
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Solway and North Sea
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Shakespreare SkiMan Delux 13ft
Tohatsu 70hp
I have a old Shakespeare Skiman Delux (13ft) with a 70hp Tohatsu sitting on the transom... and it's starting to CRACK.

Anyone know of how I can Strengthen the transom to stop it falling off and losing my engine


put tie rids from the transom down to the stringers/floor of the boat to take the play out. simular to the ones used on sailing boat mast riging
You want to make sure the ties are solid such as alloy tubing.

If you use tensioned yacht rigging wire etc then it will keep the transom from flexing backwards but it will still flex forwards which kind of defeats the object.
Thanks Phantoms

Will give it a go.

I also inten to put a thin S/Steel sheet on the transom and bolt it through so the riggers can sit on the end of the bolts then secured to the floor.

Thanks Again

Tie Bars
Use Stainless Steel Tube Diameter 20mm, Weld a left hand M12 Nut on one end and a Right hand M12 on the other.
Make 2 of these.
Buy 4 rose Joints available from RS 2 left hand and 2 right hand.
Make your brkts for the engine and the floor.
Drill the transom well at the correct angle then fit tie bars.
This will allow you to tighten or loosen as required.

Total price if you can weld yourself is about £55-60
Excluding Floor and engine mounting plates.

Hope this helps.
I have drawing of engine/ floor brackets for this application
Should you require then.


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