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Mar 13, 2004
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Any one have any idea as to what has happened to this proposed class of racing. The boats are supposedly being built a stones throw from where I live, but I certainly haven't seen sight of any.

Their website talks of 25 identical boats for the 2003 season, increasing to 30 in 2004, maybe they move them all in the dead of night whilst I'm "teddy and dum dum's!!!!

Rumour has it that they're trying to raise £7 million to get it off the ground, wouldn't have thought Dredge's house was worth that much!!:D :D
Got a feelin their bieng built in Germany, think we'd notice 25 parked up round here.
I'm curious, what DID happen with this idea of Dredge's. They were apparently going to break the London to Monte Carlo and the Round Britain records too but nothing happened. How many Sunseeker XS2000's did they build, does anyone know?

Was drew Langdon a sunseeker or FB? What happened to that?
I think you will find that Drew raced a Buzzi RIB and he still has it. His son raced it in the CPC race this year.

Great boat by the way.

He also has the FB boat he did RB08 in, which then got a canopy and became his regular CTC ride.
Think it is a 39'.

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