superstitious or stupid?


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Jan 6, 2005
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I know this sounds stupid but i want to change the name on my boat but im quite superstitious (not had much luck with my boats) and have always been led to believe that changing the name is bad luck! Anyone heard of a way of lifting the bad luck?:confused:
Apparently, if you keep the boat's old name inside the cockpit somewhere, you can change the name on the outside without incurring any bad luck.

It's a theory...........:seaman:
Trouble is the boat had a name on it when i got it (not the original one) ive recently found out from here that it used to have aureon entertainments on it and may have been called hooper and ashby before that so wot do u take as the original name? or do you put all three on there somewhere?
If you have a race boat you may have to change the name every race!

E.g you are in the pub, get talking to local business man, tell him about your sport, after a few beers you get him to write you a cheque in exchange for his companies name on boat for the next meet ...and so on.

We called 3 of our boats Ciao! but always listed it in "Runners and Riders" as the main sponsors name.

P.S did u get any more info on your P21?
No more info im afraid! still waiting for kim to email me back! thats if he got it? Wot u've told me is really helpful and the only thing i would really like to know is whether it was John yeomans original boat and if it was called hooper and ashby? Cheers guys im gonna do all of the above! just gotta think of a name now! Its been painted now Nearly dayglo orange but not quite, black stripe on the deck to the visor and black screen with black hull! looks the nuts!Oh and theres a silver flick in the black and on the orange!:jaw: