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Jun 27, 2004
Without sounding a "Whimp"... What sort of "swell" / "wave height" would you go out in if you had a 21ft Cuddy and a your family onboard ( Admiral + 2 female cabin crew "7" & "12" ).............. ???

We launched at Littlehampton on sunday ( 18/7/2004 ) around 12.30pm expecting to do a little "tubing" and perhaps a quick trip to I.O.W. but in less than 5 mins i had 2 x :cry: children and a :dizzy: wife.

There was only a 1 ft swell forecast when we left but the waves definatley felt more like :aaahhh: ( many bigger boats returned early aswell & i was told it was more like an 8-9 ...( cant be true !!!! ).

P.S can anyone sugest somewhere i can take the family for some tubing where they can re-gain a little confidence :confused:

P.P.S. does annyone know the owner of a "Boat "named "GUSTO" who i believe to live in "Weybridge" .. 17-18 ft with a green roof !!
"just wondered what the family thought of ( what i believe to be ) their first outing ? " ..dont be put off .. "try,try again"

Dunno what Tubing is but if you are looking fo some reasonably constant quiet water with Wavelets then Southampton water is suitable and if you run up it to the Test estuary then the top of it is deristricted so you have flat wide deep water with no speed limits. that should help sort out the kids

I know it's a bit furthr from Surrey but there is an excellent public slipway on the Itchen
Hi Foolish,

The top of southampton water can be a great playground for the kids and there is a designated waterski area. However this area is tidal and becomes very shallow at low tide. Its only really usable around high water so check your tide times.

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