Tell me this isn't true someone?


Apr 26, 2004
taking me seriously is the first mistake!! xx
Cruising area
Bars with good lookin men
Boat name
just for fun
Boat make
is gotta be big!
Now then boys and girls, I was told at the weekend whilst at the Endurance race, that My Crump is dealing with....Of ALL people. in the legendary Foggy, about some form of speed record for his daughter:drain:

Now bearing in mind that they were ousted for cheating at Windermere in 'All At Sea' Newspaper and couldn't prove their innocence because they were caught by too many people and too many people wrote into the newspaper to give a thankyou for 'at last' doing something about years of torment of being unable to topple the Technical Working Director of the RYAs reign of nonsense records, like the 1.3 boat that was sold to the brothers down past Plymouth, but they couldnt do anything with the engines because they were so bent they just put them on a shelf......and their calls were never returned once the moeny had swapped hands!!!

Sooooooo:aaahhh: Somebody tell me that this is a joke, would the name PETRONI really be ready to be linked to these people with power they shouldnt have??? please no..:worthy:

saretta xx
Well I didn't hear that, and certainly hope it's not true :sick:

I liked the way the italians controlled their own event in Brighton, and if I were in a position, it would be the first class of racing I'd head for! (endurance) a nice European circuit, not too much red tape bollix, good cross section of boat types....excellent.
Twins in Salcombe by any chance Sarah?
saretta said:
Somebody tell me that this is a joke,

yep itt a lode ov fkin twoddul. a bitt lyke dat donnayew bint rites inn de spawtsbote maggazyne. rM crummp iz a fyne uppstandin sitizin hoo wudunt dreem ov cheetin an mi arrse iz a fkin yewkilaylee
aw.....garfish mi honey....

Contoverstial I am. It suits me, harsh, honest and straight to the point.:bang: Northern trait...... A tad brash...

No Bull and no beating around the bush, soooooo brutally honest, and remember...when writing an article...the editor edits.......and if there is any misrepresentation in'd be trouble, so one must have 'back up evidence'

now about that speed record????!!!!! The editor loved that one, along with loads of readers...coooollllll....

it hurts to be this good looking and this confident :drain: giggle..

So c'mon, the Petroni gig......? you know something garfish dont you......

Cookee knows something thats for sure but thats about the engines..... with me, entertain my tiny mind, im bored x
Re: Re: Tell me this isn't true someone?

The gArfish said:
mi arrse iz a fkin yewkilaylee

isn't a yewkilaylee one of those sticks that Paddies hit each other with
saretta said:
No Bull and no beating around the bush,

wel dats a fkin pawky forr a starrt. i ad herd dat der waz a lott ov beetin abowt yorr bussh

an yew seem too lyke blowin yorr owen fkin trumpit. arr yew reelaytid to dat rM. Pruddy

No he spells like that cos he burnt the skool down:hugegrin2
Would that be one of those public schools then ? long dormatories, cold showers, bars of soap :aaahhh:
enough to scar someone for life.

Just as well the rest of us went to secondary modern, were all you learnt was how to hot wire motorbikes, quite useful stuff really when you have an outboard

T :no:
saretta said:
do you spell like that to hide the fact that you had no schooling??

noe yew sily binnt. i waz copyin yorr ruff draffts dat yew sennd too de spawsbotes maggazin hedytor. ow lonng av yew bin a jurnalisst. itts a fkin gud jobb dat yew av sum uvver hattriboots:laugh:

an downt yew fkkers taik de pis cuz i nevver wennt too skool. itts a ard jobb runnin a prowtekshun rakkit wen yorr ownly ait yeers owld.

Sorry Babe it is true!!!! I got te full low down from Mr T at the weekend at Tattershall. Its gonna happen. Hang on a bit he told me it was gonna be sunny 2day. I'll just have a peek out the window!!!
Ohhhh.....deary deary me.......'jim'll fix it' finished years ago I thought!:hugegrin:

is my english that bad:cry: all those years of English Lit and Shakeswhatsit (not the middle eastern type) obviously did me no good.........Next time I'll do a degree in frkinarowndontintrnetcosiyvnojob and see if my BA in that is any use.......cmon...bite me!:duell:

saretta x
saretta said:
cmon...bite me!

nah i preefur a nise bitt ov lam nott a peece ov owld muton. i wisht yew a appy birdaiy onn de torkin bollix sekshun buut yew daint saiy fank yew.

i fink i sorr yew att de bote racin. waz yew de wan warin jus a crassh elmit an pinnk thonng

gArf Foggy going to Windermere in a few weeks to race a boat and then miss crump setting a World Record on a bike with Petroni???
And i don't mean breaking a record, she hasn't done that yet... she just makes records...

you'd have to settle for somethin else coz i'm well out of ur league.....intelligent, good looking and a great body......yep it hurts being so perfect. Anwiallurjellosi.....itsgvinmeabigead...lykyrarse.....


saretta said:
And i don't mean breaking a record, she hasn't done that yet... she just makes records...

Hear hear!