The Beakhust Memorial Race


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May 1, 2010
We are pleased to announce that this years RMYC Poole race will be called The Beakhust Memorial Race, the event will be based on Poole Quay with signing-in and scrutineering taking place on Saturday May 26th and the race taking place on Sunday 27th May, the dry pits and crane will be based outside the Thistle Hotel, and the wet pits will be based in Dolphin Haven.

The Sunday race will be for the following classes:-

National Marathon Race – The race will be for the Needles Trophy if we have 8 or more pre-entries.

National Class 3B Race – The Camden trophy will be used for Class 3B only if we have 6 or more pre-entries.

V24 Championship

British Club Championship – This race will use the new 4 sub class system, F3 up to 115hp, F2 up to 200hp, F1 up to 350hp and unlimited about 350hp

We are planning to use the same courses as last year.

Further announcements will be made soon about arrangements for Saturday evening and Saturday night.
Saturday night

We will be holding the Saturday night cancer charity party at Lake Yard again, this was Rob & Annie's local club with a long history of powerboat racing, last year's party was a great success so we are hoping to repeat or better it this year, more details will follow in a few week.

Please would you contact me if you intend towing your boat with a motorhome, as we will need to make overnight arrangements for you.
Current position - 6th April

Just a quick update about our race, after a lot of effort we managed to get permission to put the powerboat race back on Poole Quay, but this comes at a cost for the crane, road closure, marina berths, security, trophies, RYA fees and the list goes on to in excess of £5K, so it’s a bit of a shock that with only 14 days to go to the end of the pre-entry period we have ....... ONE ENTRY.

I’m meeting with the council in a week to finalise the plans for the Quay closure, will this be for the one boat?? Please could you give us some support/ indication of your entries, other we will have to consider pulling the plug at our next committee meeting on the 25thApril.
both boats will be entering
First marathon entry is on it's way from Gordon - My Pleasure

Any others ??
I will be racing my Technohull 888 - with new cockpit and deck arrangement.
Bob V2 is in with Mark Berster and Sam R :seaman: in A V24 But V3 can not make it Im in USA But Boffer has the rib for start boat Cliff
Cougar 27

Im in, giving the Cougar another run out, entry on its way.
Mark Cockman,
Torquay Sponsorship

I would just like to thank 'E-LIGHTS' for agreeing to give us some funds to help with the running of the Torquay Race and also 'John Cooke' for his support.
Entries & update

Things are looking better for our race, current position is :-

Marathon for Needles Trophy - 8/9 boats, we are hoping to get 10+

Class 3B for Camden Trophy - 4/5 boats, we are hoping to get 6

British Club Championship - 8/9 across 3 classes (no F3 yet)

We were hoping to get 25 boats on the water, so we are not far from that.

As per Torquay we are looking for safety boats, we can provide a Saturday berth if you would like to make a weekend of it.

Also as the road is going to be closed with the crane on the Quay, we do need help with marshalling.

Please PM or email

We also have the Lake Yard party on Saturday night with the Cancer Charity raffle.
Sorry, unavailable for safety - briefing for Queens Diamond Jubilee
Thistle Hotel - Poole Quay

As you are aware, the dry & wet pits are outside the Thistle Hotel on Poole Quay, with race control being inside the hotel, I've been trying to get the best rate, and it seems this is it :-

25th - £119.00 based on double occupancy, including breakfast
26th - £129.00 based on double occupancy, including breakfast
27th - £119.00 based on double occupancy, including breakfast

If anyone would like to book a room, they can contact our Reservations Team on 0871 977 23 23

The Hotel contact is Suzy Dean.