The Distant Rumble......30.05.04

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Mar 13, 2004
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The Distant Rumble......

Matt & Vicki are keen to go out again!!!

So who's around next weekend...Sunday preferably?

Could go for a whizz around the Solent...down to Yarmouth or something and back to Port Solent for refreshments and chatter on the pontoon... :cheers: ??? Open to suggestions...

Zeb will be out there to be sure (to be sure)...:up: :seaman:

Sign up here!!!

Matt said:
we're thinking getting to Port Solent about 6-6:30 ish.

Thats a bit early in the morning to hit the bottle Matt:brown: :brown: :drink: :cheers: :cheers:
DR May '04


Providing that all goes to plan re foootball, boat & work this week...i'll attempt to rear my bald head!

Of course its more likely that:

West ham will win the playoffs, squadron-leader Porky will fly over my house and me mates horse will turn out to be a unicorn,

....than me actually getting down to the sarth coast.....but i'll try!(Though I do warn you, i'm known as a pesky-old-woman chatterbox!)

otherwise i'll be scrounging for a ride in one of the near-future events.

BTW, been on the water all day, absolutely feckin brill! I've gone froma cue-ball to a nice tommy-red! Me bad hamstring held up on the ski's...well pleased!:wink: :up: :) ;p;
Just you, or will you be bringing 'HIM' with you?
:D :D

Missus, you need to see "The Cannonball Run"

Its funny how i'm probably thought of as a Dom delouise nut or something.........CB is the type of film i've seen dozens of times @ 1.30am when i've got in from a seesion!

The only reason i chose the name was coz i intially wanted some annonimety when i 1st posted here.....................all cloak & daggers!!

converting to plain 'Lawrence' would be a bit homo now!
Re: Cannonball

Captain Chaos said:
converting to plain 'Lawrence' would be a bit homo now!

That's not a good choice of words considering your conversation with Graham earlier!:sex:
Weather hmmmmm

Martin & Antoinette went round the IOW today...with Jackso on Zeb

I was workin. :cry:

But they will definitely come along Vicki & Matt...

Mind you if it's raining & bout sticking up the Bimini & just having a drinkie on board...

Lawrence & Him have said they'll make it:D

Graham F is checking with g/f

Robin & other 1/2 should be free...

Terminator has no excuse...

Bosses will also try to make it...

Anyone else at a loose end next weekend?

Missus (Did you close the deal Carlos?)
Lawrence & Him have said they'll make it


thats try to make it!

i'm genuinely busy...i've had to skive off work tomorrow in order to gets some stuff done.

do me best, honest

:up: :up:
DR meet up

Missus....if you weren't maried.....

i'd think i was being chatted-up!

wishfull thinking! (on my behalf)

just fooling:lol:lol: :lol:lol:
Why do you think I call meself Missus ?

QUOTE]Originally posted by Captain Chaos
Missus....if you weren't maried.....

i'd think i was being chatted-up!

wishfull thinking! (on my behalf)

I thought you had an active imagination (from your posts!!!)

Just trying to be friendly & positive... :)


My wishful thinking is that people would get together and talk to each other in real life sometimes and mebbe even go out in the boats 'stead of always yakkin about them...

(I don't really find it easy to ask strangers if they'd join us for this or that !!!!! but by doing that we have met some great peeps ...and there is always another boat to go out with which is so wonderful :up: :up:...yesterday Jackso was free & so were some peeps we met last time so off they all went round the Isle of Wight... :cool:!!!)

we've already had a couple of hardboat/RIB encounters...Graham F did a brill job of escorting us out of Littlehampton...
:up: :up: :up:

Missus :seaman:

(Bit of disappointment in real life BTW ...ask the Boss...he has good records :D )
Missus is good at doing all that stuff cos she's bossy!

She's lulling you into a false sense of security!

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