The JF "spot the bote" challenge


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Mar 12, 2004
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just behind the wheel
Boat name
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Right, following on from a few resent correct botes and owners ID from great distances by John I'll start with an easy one .

Whos this


  • there\'s that look again!.jpg
    there\'s that look again!.jpg
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That's a ribcraft 7.8 ownd by Colin Steele:up:
Dunno, give me a clue
For feck sake john

Jes I recon it was going to be an easy one.

Hint It lives on dry land close by
This one was taken after ribex on the bar outside the hamble.

Looks like they tried to cut the corner. :wank:

Expensive !!!

Should be easy for the racer boy


  • aribex 2004 062.jpg
    aribex 2004 062.jpg
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As I have said before this is the best way to keep V24´s safe and well :cool: :cool: :cool:
Burty said:
you cant blame the boat for it being so slow that the tide had gone out before it had finished the race:D
:drain: :drain: :drain: :drain:
Dunno nuffin about the boat.. but that's the cracker complex at Fawley refinery and it looks like the stack's emitting too much catalyst... you local types oughta be lobbying your MPs to get them to fit new equipment....... Did I mention I could supply cat cracker catalyst separating equipment? :hugegrin:

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