The last Windermere


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Mar 13, 2004
poole dorset
Come on all you guys who reckon your boats are really fast. Whos gonna run down the kilo for the last time and really see what your boat will do. Its open to every body. Get up there and make it a spectical for all the people who have worked so hard for the last 34 years.
Yeah we will be up there with are 2litre bat-boat for the it's first major outing under are ownership. It is true that next year the racing is moving to Conninstan Lake? Just south west of Windermere?

Will 'Night' Nurse
I've still gotta find out if they're letting non race boats run for an 'Index of performance', if they are, I'll be there.
As far as I know its the usual run what u brung affair. You need to speak to Alison Whalley who is event secretary. Sorry havnt got a number for her.
Does Jim Noone's bird still do some organising there?
Aaaahhh! need to get in touch with her then.

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