The RSPB want a word...

jackeen's Missus

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Mar 13, 2004
The Pit

-the boat owner who has been spraying peahens to match his new livery...

(the creator meant them to be brown)


-the owner of a BMW-type boat who's been picking off seagulls in the Solent...

(It's supposed to be a rooster tail...not seagull feathers)

Missus (bloomin tweet innit)
Solent culls



(all you have to do is 'acquire' one of them thingies off the bonnet and the world's your oyster (or seagull)...they were made for the job!)

Recommended reading : Jonathan Livingstone Seagull:D
Matt said:
Not sure about the BMW analogy any more!!
Think ferrari would be a better comparison.

So when do I get to see this beast? Are you coming to Littlehampton with us on Sunday? :)
shes going tomorrow, subject to sea trials,one last blast tomorrow pm,and nothing to replace it with yet,what have i done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he wants to bring his girlfriend a stick her in the back,so i think i will take it easy so i dont put her off the whole idea,...........................................mind you i think i said i would take it easy the other weekend
Wot ya lookin to get as a replacement?
phantomc92 said:
going to lee on sea ,essex
it's gonna become a 'slapper' then! time you see it it'll be covered in fake gold....and a fake tan
He's going to be dead cross :D :D

Still, this thread was about protecting birds

...and that includes Essex Girls know wot I mean Mrs. N??????


<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
I know I'm an Essex girl but apart from that??? What do I need to be protected from? :confused:
jackeen's Missus said:
Read back...

General protection offered to all birds...

Even SarahD needs protection...from OTHER ENGLISH BIRDS!!!


Missus outraged:argue:

Mrs Jackeen, I am no expert but I really don't think that young laydee needs any protection at all.
She looks fit enough to take care of herself.
Really I wouldnt mess with her and I have messed with fartougher birds than that. :wink:
Re: Missing Bird

jackeen's Missus said:
Where's the fair Willowkis these days?


I'm still around.... but have been otherwise engaged... SORRY :wink:
Awwww Mrs J. In a shy-tastic sorta way.
But keep up with the good work.

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