Todays Boating Surprise.


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Jun 30, 2004
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Kings Road
Caught a few spare hours on the boat this afternoon.

Id just slipped my moorings at Shamrock Quay and was heading off down the itchen when i clocked Distant Rumble and Leviathan heading in the opposite direction. (Leviathan in the Briny no less).

I was gobsmacked so i threw the most casual and unimpressed of glances to both skippers, nodded and continued on my way.

Nice to see both boats on the water.

Ran down Southampton water with the wind on my stern and went up the Hamble for fuel. Then headed over to Cowes but the wind was picking up and the crossing was OK apart from the wind bringing spray over the side.

Decided to head back up Southampton Water, messed about a bit and then returned to shamrock quay for a picnic onboard.

Not the best of outings but compared to the **** we have had to deal with recently it was like a week in the Med!!!

I dont care what anyone says "There is no substitute to motor boating".:cool:

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