Tohatsu and Selva


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Apr 5, 2004
I must confess to have stuck my nose up at Tohatsu and Selva in the past but both have offered me very good deals for new engines to go on our 16's.

I was wondering if anyone has any current experience with either marque, good or bad?

Am I right in saying the Selva's are mostly re-branded Yamaha's?
tohatsu seems to be a very good make.
The carb models seem to receive good press (although they look like they're out of the ark), does anyone know much about their new TLDi models?
What size motor are you looking for?

The guy in Poole Boat Park (Neil of All Aspects Marine) is a jonnyrude dealer, and has done some amazing deals for friends of mine.
Tohatsu, yep good simple motor!

Selva......... i fitted a 70 tenerife on a seaquel 14 and it was a bag of shite!
Tohatsu appear to be the same as Nissan engines - they were on the same stand at the Miami boat show and certainly looked the same!
Tohatsu 90

Tohatsu 90 's were used from about 1995 on in 1.3 litre Offshore and compared very well power wise with the Yam 90.
They have also won a few 1.3l World Championships.
The first two boats are looking to have engines from 75hp to 130hp, the third will probably have something bigger. Maybe a 150hp or 175hp.

Gav - In what way was the Selva so bad? Was it unreliable? Low on power?

As far as I'm aware, the US Nissan engines are re-branded Tohatsu's.

It's reassuring that the Tohatsu 90's fare so well in racing.

There are a few cheap Jonny 90's, 115's, 150's and 175's carbs available. Just in a bit of a quandry about it all at the moment.

Gonna have to start thinking about trailers soon as well. :rolleyes:
Just finished the first skin on the deck and waxed up the seat molds by the way. :banana:

Will post some pics tomorrow.
I am just rebuilding these guys website Ask for Steve engineer or Ian Sales they are a main dealer and race prepare Tohatsu Engines.

Their website confirms "Performance & totally rugged. Badged as "Nissan" in the U.S. Tohatsu's T.L.D.I motors are efficient & light weight. You can have your cake & eat it"

New Site is here
Prices are on the page of the new site but I am sure they will do you a deal - mention me!
Tohatsus are good, solid reliable engines. The new TLDI is brilliant, seems to have been underated but very fuel efficient.
I think Tohatsus are used alot in racing due to their ruggedness, they are certainly the Zapcat engine of choice.

I would'nt touch a Selva with Mirabellas mast! They look **** and they perform badly. Please dont ruin what is a fantastic boat by putting a Selva on the back! When did you last see a Selva on the back of a boat in use? When did you last see one on a performance boat? Need I say any more!

Good luck with your boats, im looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Thank you all for your input.

Encouraging on the Tohatsu's
Discouraging on the Selva's

I do like the idea of the TLDi Tohatsu's, especially as they're releasing a 115hp and 140hp.
my bruvver got a tohatsu 90 last year for his r**

sound when its goin, but he's had a slight problem with 1 plug misfiring

he talked to the tohatsu guy at the brum boatshow who was really concerned - suggested he took it back to supplier (bill higham) and if they couldn't resolve prob, then tohatsu uk wanted to know as this is exceptional - they don't sell duff motors. - he's waitin for weather to get a nit better before de-winterising and running - engine is good, and the misfire is exception , runs good most of the time.