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May 23, 2004
Cruising area
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Bayliner Bowrider
Force 85
What sort of top speed should i expect out of me boat, just want to make sure shes on par really as I'm gettin told various different things from different people. So I thought I'd ask the experienced lot on here. Its a 17ft Bowrider with a Force 85 engine.

It either has 2 people in or 6 adults and maybe a couple of kids, so what sort of speed should i expect with the two different loads?
I used to have a 18' four winns with a evinrude 90hp and she'd do around 30mph maybe 35 with just 2 passengers and trim up.
my friend has a bowrider i think its a 17' with a 100hp mariner on it. i gps'd it last weekend for him 45mph with 2 people in and trimmed right out.
do you find your boat daps when crusing?????
his does and its horrible!!!!1:confused:
Boat Daps

Burty you might find it was boat plimsols not daps.:bang: :drool:
Well when you give it some the front pops up in the air and can stay fairly smooth at times and at other times it bangs harder than me o....... I wont go there....but Ive never managed to get it level yet.
the front of the boat goes up and down all the time not just straight and level.

Its called porpoising, normally solved by altering the engine trim. Out of interest it affects helicopers as well as boats.

If changing the engine trim doesn't work then move something heavy, battery, fuel tank,girl friend or something.


i only drove the boat for approx 15mins but it seemed no matter what i did, trim, moving people around etc made no difference.
i have watched my mate driving too and it does exactly the same just wondered if it was the hull design or the way his boat is set up
We are talking end to end rather than side to side arn't we?

Best guess is the engine is still trimmed up (out) too much. The engine is lifitng too much boat out ot the water which is then unsupported at the front. Front drops and the engine then lifts the front again.

Trim the engine in and plant more of the hull in the water which will give a stable boat. 100 hp on a 17' boat should cause problems.

You could try fins on the engine, but that would only mask the underlining problem, better to sort that out.

He hasn't left the trim / trilt pin in has he ?


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