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Mar 26, 2004
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Well the offshore nationals begin next weekend in torquay so I thought i would check out the weather forcast, surprise surprise its forcast rain & showers all weekend, if anybody involved in organising this event reads this perhaps they could sort it out. Mind it might make the water flat for those scandinavian cats.
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All the racing is on Sunday with a practise session on Saturday.

Racing starts at 1 pm with the V24's followed by the class 3 and RIB classes - We will be going up to Teignmouth twice with some smaller laps it Torbay for the spectators to actually see some racing!
Anyone here going along to watch?:banana:
I'm going for the weekend,arriving late friday, hopefully in time for a beer.
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We will be there from lunchtime? Friday for some PR / Media stuff and will be stayting for the weekend - if anyone wants to meet up PM me and I will give you my mobile number or email me.
'Well the offshore nationals begin next weekend in torquay'

Well the real stuff started at Allhallows in April with 2 rounds of k & K1000 with 2 more in Bristol Docks in mid May. So far 23 races to date with more to come at Weymouth/Portland with OCR on 12/13 June and Ramsgate 19/20 June with the rest of the Offshore teams.
In the mean time they even did 2 basics at Oulton Broads for fun.

Looking at the results posted for Torquay there's nearly as many kids racin as bigguns, watch out you might find them sitting in ya boats soon.
K at Oulton


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