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Mar 13, 2004
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Just had a skip delivered to my home, going to throw a load more boat junk out.

Having taken a rather large cheque as payment for the skip, the driver then handed me a copy of the "Hazardous Materials & Changes To Landfill Regulations" notice that I had to sign for.

This interesting piece of paper is to inform me that as from July 04 the next phase of the European Landfill Directive (a sort of CE mark for crap) has come into force.

It basically says that if you have any hazardous waste it must be bagged seperately, but as yet cannot be collected, although within the next month they will be able to take it but at very high cost.

At present the nearest Hazardous Waste site to me is in Swindon. If for any reason this type of waste is found in my skip when its tipped, I shall be charged for refilling and transporting to that site!

The items that have been added to this list are as follows:

Batteries, certain meat waste, computer monitors, televisions, fluorescent tubes, liquids, oils, paint tins and paint, tyres and solvents.

I asked the driver why I couldn't put fluorescent tubes in the skip and he said it was because of the gas that they contain, I asked if it was okay to put broken ones in and he said that was okay coz they wouldn't have any gas in them, the same applied to telivisions and monitors!!!!

What a strange place the world is becoming, we're allowed to manufacture things that we can't then dispose of, and we have people inspecting our waste to make sure we comply!

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