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Mar 31, 2004
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anyone know a good cheap transport company? need to ship something to texas and then get it collected again 3 weeks later:D
i must also add that the dimensional weight (yes thats a fancy shipping term they use to bump-up the price) far exceeded the actual weight, a problem you wont have if its to be drop-on only.
I work for a logistics company and we ship stuff all over the world burty so if you PM me a shipping address, weight of the item and the dimentions of the package you will be sending then I will get some qoutes for ya.
burty you getting your block repaired ?
yup sure am dude and re nickasealed, i have been informed anything is repairable. mine is costing around £700 + shipping for block repair thats 2 sleeves, 2 holes welded up all nickasealing and machining. you could get yours done at same time and we could share the shipping dude;)
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a **** load more than that. anyways i have a hole in front half and a hole in the block so i would need both:(
no 1 can re nickaseal or if they can its like 6 times the price plus exchange rate is good at mo and parts ie pistons gaskets etc are alot cheaper over there
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Burty u might aswell by a xr2 2! How much it going cost at the end of the build?
burty i need 2 stepped sleeves and small hole in bottom of block welding,how soon you sending block off ? mine needs stripping down and im away till next week.
i've got same hole in bottom of block. whats a stepped sleeve?
trying to send late on next week.when can you get it ready by?
only thing is he wont give a firm price till he's seen it
it's not 'nickel-seal', it's 'nickaseal' (sp?)