Jon Baldur is having the TRABANT repainted and airbrushed so here are the 2 first pictures showing the new colour more photos to follow


  • dsc01278.jpg
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Trabant 601 LS model 1987


  • dsc01280.jpg
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Good code name for the work :cheers:
Hope Richard and Louise don´t mind :cool:
By the way for your info those two pictures where taken just before midnight last night. Fantastic weather and sundown.
Project BLUE ICE II goes on, picture taken tonight as the work progress (me standing on the side)


  • dsc01296.jpg
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Here you see better the side which was designed by Jon Baldur


  • dsc01297.jpg
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Looking good. When does he expect to finish it? :cool:
Late tonight early morrow morning, the intention is to drive up north to Akureyri (nearly 6 hour drive) tomorrow as on Thursday June 17th (Iceland´s independance day) there is car exhibition and the Trabant is one of main the main show attraction and surprise number although big roumor going on what he is going to look like, those pictures are the first to be released and as this is not a site many Icelanders attend I got those pictures out of Jon Baldur.
Good luck with the exhibition Bogi and Jon Baldur. :up:

Excellent that we get a "sneak preview" of the car... :worthy: :worthy:

Hope all goes well. :wave:
Jón Baldur and Ingi Björn headed for Akureyri (capital of north Iceland) just after 11 o´clock last night and arrived 4.30 this morning exhausted after beeing assembling the Trabant more or less for the last 48 hours. Had nearly 3 hours rest and are now polishing the Trabant before the exhibition opens in about 10 minutes from now. Lot of excitements and anticipations are now hopefully to pays off. Will hopefully have some pictures tonight.
Looking forward to seeing some piccies. Hope it all goes well. :wave:
Finally I got some pics from Jón Baldur taken at the Akureyri car show. The car got much attention to the public and was put alongside with other unusual seen cars like De Lorean Car.


  • akureyri03.jpg
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Closer look at Jón Baldur´s Trabant


  • akureyri02.jpg
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  • akureyri01.jpg
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willowkis said:
Lovely Paint job.... CONGRATULATIONS!

Hey Willowkis, I think you may need the services of the following..

Maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but it looks like a 17 year old piece of shite with a quick lick of blue paint!!!:eek: :eek:
Originally posted by Tony davis
Maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but it looks like a 17 year old piece of shite with a quick lick of blue paint!!!:eek: :eek:

You don't have to be so rude!!! :bang: :bang: :bang:
TD you are obviously just got free from your wife stables :D :D :D :D
anyway :cheers: :cheers:

Thanks Willowkiss for your kind words
willowkis said:
You don't have to be so rude!!!

I don't consider myself as rude, just truthful. I admire anyone who creates a "custom car" or similar, but taking a pile of poop and painting it blue isn't my idea of being creative!!!

You need to take a look at something like www.boydcoddington.com to see what a true custom car is!!

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