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Mar 23, 2004
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saw this cat in hythe marina last nite, sorry i couldnt get a front shot. anyone know what it is, said something about a 24 on it


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That's David Graham-Smith and his 24 HTM, HP500 mercruiser, there's another older one with a 300 Yanmar.
In the states they run them with massive HP and obviously they are quick, but this side of the pond they don't fair too well.
The one with the Yanmar originally had a 502efi (445hp) when it was new it was tested by one of the Mags at 59mph! So no good unless they've a million hp in em (plus they don't take the rough water too well, and wind up with all manner of cracks/splits, and general stuff falling off)

saw this at Calshot last Sunday as the posse gathered...



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The pic missus took is of Peter Penn's 24 HTM, which is the one with the Yanmar 300, they reckon it runs 80!......yeah, and my arse is a banjo! especially as it only managed 59 with another 130hp.

Makes a change to hear a load of bull in powerboating!
it had a very large bottom on each hull instead of a flat sharp hull id expect on a cat and alot of structure close to water under hull, was surprised by its shape, sounded a beaut in the lock mind!!

jon fuller said:
That's David Graham-Smith and his 24 HTM, HP500 mercruiser,

Theres one down Southampton/ Hamble somewhere that does promotion runs. Pay to play stuff?

Runs an 8.2L does 90 six up!

Easy now, their claim not mine.

Any way is this the same one you'r mentioning here jon

Petrol Head said:
Runs an 8.2L does 90 six up!

:drain: :drain: :drain: :drain: I take it you mean 90 KPH, and even that would be hard to believe!!!

The Yanmar powered one is sold to the punters (at £220 a trip) as an 80mph powerboat experience!!! I wonder what the trading standards would have to say about that!!!
Or the MCA, because you just know its going to have that little diamond sticker on it, along with the liferaft, and that fab list of kit TD put on here recently.

Feck, even the pacific might give it a good run for the money.

I've clocked this boat at shamrock quay and it has a sticker on it saying it's certified at 132 mph. i was quite impressed cos that's nearly as fast as my Scorpion 6.5

By the way TD I took your advive and bort a fkkn big knife insead of a VHF ticket:wotzhapni
Look's like it could do with a console change:speechles :dizzy:
Do you know something ?
Jon you don't know how close to the truth your comment is :hugegrin:

Just found a cabin moulding that is about the size of a double bed, would make an interesting project, but do you have enough server space for the Saga to be posted on BM ? :no:

terminator said:
do you have enough server space for the Saga to be posted on BM ? :no:

Now that BoatMad and RibNet share the same server, the saga would take out the toob site as well!
Any threads relating to drilin oles, and changin consoles are banned on boatmad, not least coz of the server space!(although there are many other reasons too)

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