V24 European Championships

Congratulations to Mr Little and nobby Brown.

Of course, they're all cheating! (anyone who wins) or so one of the back running 'also rans' reckons! :lol:lol: Seems to ring a bell that. :snide:

it's tough at the top isn't it Mr Fuller,even tougher when Fabio tells people your bent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:well: :well: :well:
Yes, very!

Which particular Fabio are we talking about?
That would be the same Fabio that beat you in your touring days:drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :well:
Oh dear! there's a pattern forming here!
Garvin Brown: Can you please tell me what a Yamaha 420 STi with duoprop super tune is??? Never heard of that before :dizzy:

It's a Diesel stern drive engine package,a very good one at that,trust those boy from yam!:up:
Wiil done Mr Little and Mr Brown
More tin to Clean
Will Done

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