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:wave: Hello all,
Been sent here from ribnet to ask for opinions on GM (or AM?) V8 turbo diesels in boats! I suggested fitting a Samurai 6.5 turbo into a rib and basically the advice seems to be don't do it, but Jon Fuller seems to be the UK's leading advocate of these engines so I'd like to ask your opinion please, or anyone else who has an opinion!
Also any advice on legs, gearboxes etc would be much appreciated, 2 ton pacific 22 with 225Hp, possibly sternpower leg.

Mr roohairy, welcome to boatmad.

My personal opinion of the GM/AM General V8 diesel is that it's a nice motor, bit heavy, but a nice motor, and if you're only looking for 225hp it will be a very clean running, torquey piece of kit.
The Stern Pwer drive, whilst a little agricultural, will I'm sure be fine, but at 225hp so would a Bravo1.

My only reservation for you would be, unless you're very competent in the engine building/marine engineering department, converting an automotive 6.5 GM engine (higher compression ratio) which has an unknown history, is a risky business.

My first experience with the 6.5 GM was an engine from Justin @ Samurai, all I will say is, it took me a long time to get things right with that motor (it was about 230hp, turbo, no intercooling) and I think I understand engines reasonably well.

In short, I would get a 'Marine version' of the GM unless you're in the know.

PM me if you want to talk in more detail.
Jonny - many thanks for your reply, you're saying pretty much the same as everyone else. I'm glad I asked the question, will probably have saved me a lot of heartache! May take you up on your offer to PM later, got to phone some people first.

If I do decide to go for this engine, where should I get it from?
Two words; 'Broken Blocks'

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