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the 28 looks nice ,bet its a copy, the yellow one ive seen before think its a 25 was for sale in france as hull only for about 9 k euros
28 is a fake for sure, my 2000 model was the last genuine one.
more front than brighton

Is it even a 28? looks small (outboards look big by comparison).

The fact that its advertised as a 2001 shouldnt mean jack.......Boat owners are bigger liars than boat dealers!

I spose all genuine ones were polyester though eh?

I just love the front of some people:hot:

I've taken great care in doing some "Phantom by trios" decals for mine were the usual ones would as to keep eall parties happy..............but thay look crap and now it looks like they'll be left off.....and mines atleast from the original tools.

Problem is.......both of those boats still look so goddam cool :rolleyes:
Pretty sure it's a 28

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