Wanted, BBC 2 piece Valve Covers


Aug 29, 2006
Does anyone have a pair of 2 piece tall big block chevy valve covers?


Do you mean the Eickert ones? They have a really bad reputation for leaking oil.
2 piece covers

Yes, I am fitting a pair of the Keith Eickert cast ally headers and the standard short covers don't have enough clearance for the roller valve train so I need to go to a tall cover but can only find the box type covers which foul the headers..

So its either find some tall ones with a decent chamfer [none in the UK] or the two piece ones [none in the UK] or laser out an ally spacer and two gaskets to lift the standard covers.
I have the same exhausts. I also seriously considered those valve covers, but they have a really bad reputation on oso for permanently leaking oil.

See if summit racing has anything to suit you - using the iParcel delivery service, it really is both good and also cheapest shipment. Otherwise KE has a load of good single piece covers....
Thanks for the input, I looked at them all and ended up ordering some Hardin Marine Xtreme die cast single piece ones - they assure me they'll fit, hopefully DHL will deliver them ASAP as I need them for the Cowes weekend.