Wanted, BLAGG


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Sep 9, 2004
Sold my jet boat this morning. now looking to buy a BLAGG... It's a 7ish foot speed boat, usually running about a 30hp on the back.
If anyone can give me any info, or tell me of one for sale.


The only Blagg I know of was a 16'ish 3 pointer speedboat, similar to a Cirrus. They came with either a solid wind deflector, or a clear windscreen.

Mate of mine had the sporty one, and it sure was good fun, I've often thought I'd like to own one, but you never see them now. Last one I saw was at the Poole Marine Auctions, prior to the owners prison sentence!
They also made a RIB version from the same hull - before RIB's were fashionable.

Didn't they also use the Blagg sportsboat to do a long distance attempt, across the North Sea? not sure of the route.

woody blagg did to some testing in the north sea but don't no about long distance attempt saw one for sale on e bay a while a go whent for 4 g's i think mate had one in the 80s with v6 merc on back went like the clappers and turned very sharp pulling a few g's what ever happend to them i bet gav71 got the moulds

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