WANTED Outboard

Jul 13, 2004
Cruising area
Windermere - River Ribble
Boat name
Boat make
Marina 12ft
Mercury 700
Need outboard for my speedboat,

55. - 75hp remote steering must, electric start if poss complete with controls:jaw:
Well i've got a mercury 650 minus a gearbox if your interested.:laugh:

try this bad boy on ebay, id guess its 15 years old, but should be the same 2 cyinder jobbie i originaly had on the marina!! it went very well with that....could ski with 3 peopl on board....mind you i weighed about 12 stonne at the time. Its a yamaha underneath & will have gas assisted rams.

Also try looking for a 70 on ebay. its prob quite old (aproaching 2o years), but being an OMC its fundamentally not changed for years...............oodles of power......i've had one of them as well! quite thirsty in comparasen to the 60 above.
wouldnt touch an engine without a gear box who knows y there isnt one, proberbly screwed,

but what were the numbers for the ebay ones
fletcher engine

Yes...well sort of!

trouble is, some of them are so shite...they'll probably devalue a lovely boat:D
captain which fletcher have you got?

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