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Mar 13, 2004
Salcombe South Devon
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BananaShark 34' Race
Twin Yanmar BY 260's
Wanted: Seadoo jetboat - 18' would be ideal but any size considered! Must be in very good condition on a good trailer.

Please either reply here or by personal message - thanks!
Sorry to butt into your thread, but i'm also after one of these. Speedster 16 or Challenger 18.
i no de wareabowts ov too ov deez fkin conntrapshuns forr sail butt i aint tellin til yew cros mi parms wiv lotts ov grogg

Ok Mr Garfish sir - what's it worth to you then?
Ok folks - narrowed it down now - They want a Utopia 205 - once again any information gratefully recieved!

Never really looked that close at the Utopia, always deemed it ugly and expensive.

I beleive all the Utopia's had the mercury 240hp jet which was basically the top of a merc 225 o/b tweaked to 240hp mounted inboard and had a jet drive stuck up it's arse.

The single merc setup fares better than the old twin rotax with much better fuel economy, better reliability (although merc parts are ultimately much more expensive than rotax, and obviously, if you do have a problem out at sea with the merc, you don't have the advantage of a spare engine to get you home)

http://www.jetboating.net and http://speedster.gapmanwebdesign.com are both quite useful references.
Thanks for the info - for referance the Utopias should all have either a 200 or 250 Optimax or the 240 efi engines connected to the M2 jet drive.

Need it more for the look rather than single/twin installation so not bothered about the number of engines.
What you want is one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!


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