Water logged transom

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Mar 3, 2005
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Another question. :cry: I suppose it is nearly impossible to dry out the wood in the transom if it is well and truly water logged? Besides replacing the transom, is there any other glimmer of hope that I could cling to besides another boat. :sick:
When you're looking at a 20 year old Driver 440, is it worth it. Is there anyone that could put a rough figure to replacing the transom? Thanks for the reply.
trios charged me 550 cash for a new transom in the p20,i should of charged them the same amount for cleaning it ,to get it back to pre trios condition
The transom was replaced on my p20 by Trio moulding in Southampton the same people who built Captain Chaos a new p20. I brought the boat from Carlybaby on this forum I am not sure if he had the work down or the previuos owner, you could try PM'ing carlybaby to see if he knows the price or ask Captain for Trios number to see if they would give you a quote.

Hope that helps.
If the deck is removable then it isn't too bad a job. Don't know if Driver used to bond the deck to hull, but if it's just screwed or riveted it wouldn't be that expensive!
I would'nt know how the deck is fitted. I don't suppose that it's a small hull will make that much difference to the price. If it's around £550 to £600 then it would be worth it. Thanks again all for the replies.
an alternative is a used driver 500, I hear they do the same speed per HP as the 440.

trouble is that could also be a can of worms.

one question, whats the boat cond like other than the added water? i.e does it warrent the money? forget the age!
It's in pretty good nick. Seats could maybe stand a little work, otherwise, clean. It's only trying to improve the hole shot etc. I fitted smart tabs and saw how wet the wood is in the transom. Maybe when work starts on replacing the transom, that could be opening another can of worms. I only use it as a runabout and skiing, don't get too much use out of it. Need some idea of cost to see where I'm going.
are you sure you haven't just got a cavity(s) full of water, rather than the timber itself, as I can't imagine waterlogged timber alone would cause this trouble.

my money says it has water logged foam filled compartments.
I dont know the answer to this, but would floor-up to inspect be a much cheaper & easier option?

I was always under the impression floors were a weak point of drivers build quality. If so, it could be cut-out, suspected water-logged foam removed and the whole-lot replaced?

maybe a diy job if you've got the balls?
Thanks again. I,ve got the balls, big brass mothers. Getting a bit old though these balls. Had an accident at work last year Nov. Still a bit messed up. I will lift the floor first and see what is going on. It could stand an inspection and a few new bits, like battery compartment, cleaner carpets etc. Cheers.