Weight vs Speed


Apr 10, 2004
Cruising area
Southern Norway
Boat make
Phantom 25
2 x Merc 2.5 EFI SS

I have a 25 feet Phantom with a Promax 300 SVS. According to Steve Baker it was built extra solid (and heavy..). The current weight is approx. 1150 kilos incl. engine less driver.

Below the front deck you will find an inner floor between the stringers running from the bow to the aft of the boat. It is made of approx. 15 mm wood. I addition to this the cockpit floor is 25 mm, and runs from 1 meter in front of the dash to the fueltank aft.

In all those two "floors" add some kilo of wood. I plan to cut out the 15 mm plate between the stringers, since the weight in front will be less. Will this weaken the integrity of the boat? One other solution is to bore out large holes. Or replace the plate with carbon / divinycell.

The wooden cockpit floor will be replaced with a light weight floor. Maybe divinycell? Other suggestions?

The boat runs very flat and require positive trim. I expect less weight in front of the balance point to be approx. 50 kilos. How much speed will be gained ...??

Cheeeers and thanks, Toffen G:seaman: