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Mar 23, 2004
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After a good day's racing on the satuday at lake Windemere ( I lead F2 for 90% of the race) Finially finished third after some comunication problems:drool: :hot:
Some Ba*tard decided to sabotage my gearbox on satuday evening.
Whoever did it decided to rip the seal out of the prop shaft, now I know this was done by someone and not general wear because I had removed the Prop and backing washer myself satuday afternoon, I looked at the seal then and wiped some freash grease around it and all was fine.
When I arrived sunday morning to put the prop back on I noticed that the seal was weeping oil, then on closer inspection I seen that part of the spring was hanging out of the seal and the was a mark that looked like a screw driver had been dug in.
Now I do have my suspicions as to who was responsible and I am very hacked off about it as it led to me not being able to race on the sunday, yet I am more hacked off that I didn't see who did it as I would have enjoyed knocking them the f*ck out.
Why do people have to feck about with stuff that doesn't belong to them :hot:

Envy is a funny thing:wank:

Was it just envy, or was it done to 'dope' you for the race?

****ing wankers whatever the reason!

but it's the only way some people get to win :wank:
Yeh after taking 7.5hrs to get there and 6 to get home I was not very happy, would love 5 mins with the sucker that did it.:angry: :hot:
Listen Cye.......I'm a great believer that peoplr will always get there just deserves! The tosspot who done it will proably never win a race & whatsmore will hopefully have awoken this morning with a scorching case of herpes!!!

However.........I'm quite sure you'll go-on to win numrous races in the future.

things dont change much in skiracing then!!!!
No not really still as bitchy as ever!
Not experienced this sort of thing before though.

cyco , is mr blooby still running things in the sw , we did experiance a few little problems always felt like we were there just to keep the nos up for the select few!
Race instructions said that there was "Security" on-site for the weekend. Did you see them???

Anyway, if someone goes up to a boat with a screwdriver in hand, how often are they challenged (unless a fellow racer realises that it's not there boat they're tinkering with)?

That aside, it was my first time at ski-racing. What a spectacle! Hats off to you guys for a brilliant display. As safety crew, I was cr*pping myself every time a skier went down. Boats (with skiers on the back) bearing down on him/her with only the top of their helmet visible in the chop. Yellow flagging became a full-time job!

Best of luck to the guy that we sent off in the helo, hopefully he'll make a good recovery.
Did you cover me in main race when I fell.
Hope you didn't hear me sounding off...was not a happy chappy.
Also when I got back in the boat there was a few choice words said....quite loud.
My boat is no 53 white, blue & red Bernico F2.

I told you to watch out for the corners lofty!!!!!!!!!
U skiing on Sat??
Weather permitting for sat.
There are quite a few of us planning to ski form Weston to Cardiff then along to Barry, around Step holm and back.
Maybe sunday as well.
As for those corners, if you think you've seen me get angry before...that was nothing compared to when I fell ( got pulled off)

Not happy about it after leading the race for 95%.

Cyco said:
would love 5 mins with the sucker that did it

Dude, your not Mr T!!!


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Very good dude!
Yes did make me smile.:*******:
ok hope to be along for sat pm for some social skiing . . . but am shaving legs . . . . and bringing race ski along . . . wet suit . . . and corset just in case I get tempted to have a dabble!!!
Expecting water to be rough!:aaahhh: :bang:
no change there then lofty . . . . . .
Can you handle it rough:hump: :shag: :D

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