Well the season has begun.


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Jun 30, 2004
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Kings Road
Got back home from Canada yesterday afternoon and realised that its Easter Weekend this weekend!

I Phoned those nice people at MDL to see if they could lift my boat in over the weekend and was told that they wouldnt be working over the weekend but would lift me in the following day. (Today).

So i got down there this morning and slapped some paint on the outdrive, did a little titivating and was on the water at 3.30pm this afternoon.

I couldnt resist a run down Southampton Water to give her a run and check the speed with a nice clean bottom and leg.

1 up and half a tank of fuel gave me a top speed of 53 mph at 4700 rpm.

So who's a happy bunny then?

(Not the miserable looking occupants of two Ribs coming out of Ocean Village dressed up like tele tubbies).:D

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