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Mar 13, 2004
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OK so the sky is grey and Jackso has a mistress...(don't ask; RN colleagues!!!)


***Page 1 of this thread is about Bogib's new job and panadols (panodils in Iceland, apparently!) and drink and stuff...Pics on Page 2!!!!*******************

We're dragging lil Zeb out on the Solent for a spin...

Ice Kid phoned and despite the swingin scene in Reading has got his act together and is on his way...

Suzuki Pete & Troy have just left London...

And Mr. Tosspot and assorted crew are leaving Pompey later (1/2 of them to do a course...the other two for a spin)

So if anyone else is around....give us a shout or send a pm ...

Missus Resilient
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I've got to stay ashore and tidy the yard
Have all a great day out there when I am working at the exhibition. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
It was nice...we even looked out for you Matt/ sorry you didn't get out....

Met Action Man and his g/f Action Woman, Aging Youth & Kathryn, Ice Kiddie, Mr. 2 (Tosspot) & Mr. Scurvy, Paul (#2)...both beautiful laydees are real water babies (unlike Missus ) and do a lot of diving as well as ribbing...Action Man well he's just duckin and divin ain't he...

Only went to Wooton (sp.?) and then Cowes & back to Pompey...

Have a few pics of the peeps...will post..

Nice Day,
Hope you've all been good,

Hi Missus seems you had a good day out as usual, I had great day meeting loads of old customers of mine since the RV business. This picture taken of me this morning just prior to the opening of the exhibition.


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There is still a week until formal change of position in the Pharmaceutical business. This one I was doing for nearly 15 years along selling Sillinger SIBs, Avon, Bayliner etc and been back in the front of selling again was lot of fun and meeting ex customers was great. :up: :up: :up: Looking forward seeing your pics tomorrow
Yep that is the way to live active busy life :drink: :brown: :cheers: and the black death is extreme stuff you know :D :cheers:
Yep, I may have taken dozen panodils with the Bleack Death (Icelandic schnapps) which will probably have caused this trauma hangover lately :cheers: :bang: :sick: :cheers: :bang: :sick: as you can see on the photo taken yesterday morning I was standing like a stick :dizzy: :dizzy:
as you can see on the photo taken yesterday morning I was standing like a stick :dizzy: :dizzy: [/B][/QUOTE]

I think you look quite 'happy' on them and was wondering if you have any spare? :drain:

Hold on a moment!! :hugegrin:
OK, here we go...

RIBs launched and ready to go... :bolt:


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Here's the stealty RIB...


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And they're off... :banana:


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I've just realised that Aging Youth looks like he's giving himself a wedgie on this one! :speechles


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Mr 2 and Scurvey Crew too!


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